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Radio Golcak Deep house Klingande - BEST songs
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Klingande, composed of Cédric Steinmyller (DJ) and Edgar Catry (saxophone), is a French tropical house duo with a prominent use of the piano and the saxophone. The artists' name is pronounced "Kling-an-de", which is Swedish for "chiming".

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The name of the band, as well as some of their songs, are in Swedish because of Cédric's admiration of the language. According to him, it sounds like it's being sung when it's just being spoken. With this in mind, the name was founded after a search in a Swedish dictionary. Klingande is the present participle of the Swedish verb (att) klinga, which means '(to) chime' or '(to) sound'. The artist name thus means 'chiming' or 'sounding'. The artist describes his music as "melodic house".

Klingande - BEST songs is playlist of the best songs of this musician/band from France made by Radio Golcak to make your day better. Let it play and feel positive vibes of your favourite music. If you are fan of this kind of music, you’ll definitely enjoy also our other Deep house playlists.

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