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Earworms - your favourite or odious songs Radio Golcak Blog
Earworms - your favourite or odious songs

Have you ever experienced the sound or song that get stuck in your head? Yes, yes :) We all know it very well...

You are traveling to school or to work, you are waiting in a line or you are sitting in front of your laptop a suddenly the song or more precisely its fragment appears in your mind and you can not get rid of it. According to Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis this phenomenon is part of more than 90% of people, that is really huge number.

Sometimes, it is really good experience, especially when the song that is in your head is your favourite one. Your day is better because this song has simply good vibes and it positively affects your mood. But... enough is enough and sometimes even super song starts to annoy you. The worst option is when you have in mind that kind of song that you truly don't like. Yes, shit happens :)

If you want to know more about songs in your head, please visit this TEDEd lesson about earwoms.